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February 19, 2011

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Ped Egg Review…

August 2, 2009


Yes we are in the end stretch of summer and I just had to bring back the Ped Egg Review. After a few long weekends of  being on my feet, I decided to give the old  Ped egg another shot. Last weekend, I was on my feet for almost 14 hours a day at Blogher 09. This weekend I drove 14 hours to New York City to move my son into a “Animal House” on his college campus. (wait till you read that blog post). Between the stress on my feet, and the stress of being a parent to two college kids and my twins who both just passed their drivers test…I needed a reason to laugh and need to also to dig out my Ped Egg…..

 I have to thank Crocs and  George and the wonderful pair of Crocs  with the “Circulation nubs stimulate blood flow”, I’m able to still to walk in the city that never sleeps. Now I just have to go find the Ped Egg…but hope you enjoy this past’s sure to put a smile on your face….


Cost: $9.95

Claim: Gently remove calluses and dead skin with the ultimate foot file.

Pros: One reviewer found it uncovered soft skin that had been buried under hard calluses for years. The canister was filled with white shavings as shown on the commercial.

Cons: For another reviewer, whose feet only had dry skin (no calluses), the PedEgg did not work at all. Not a single shaving in the “egg.” 



These are the Crocs..that I love…..


Crocs™ Capri, comfort and style rolled into a sandal that you will love. Built with women in mind the Capri offers a slender footbed for the ultimate flip-flop from Crocs. With the double-cushioned footbed you will have a comfortable shoe all summer long.

  • Slender footbed profile with elevated heel constructed specifically for women’s feet.
  • Double-cushioned comfort supports and performs all day.
  • Soft microfiber upper adds style and fashion while increasing comfort.
  • Circulation nubs stimulate blood flow.
  • Footbed conforms to foot creating a custom fit.
  • Colorful two-tone combination’s.
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………..Get Your Bowlher/Bolgher On……..

July 17, 2009


Just Because BlogHer is over on Saturday, July 25th doesn’t mean that I can’t keep the good times rolling. That’s why I’ll be a hostess at BowlHer keeping my fingers occupied between tweets, follows, friending, and linking up my blog and profiles with new contacts. Even if my finger polish needs a lift after a game of bowling, BowlHer has that covered as well. 

What can knock over ten pins at the end of a 60-foot long bowling lane? A 16-pound, 8.5-inch diameter bowling ball. How can the content on my blog hit thousands of moms in one tweet? A very light- weight laptop, mac, iphone, or blackberry. 

Before I tell you about all the great prizes you can take home with you from BowlHer, I thought I’d give a little overview about the game of bowling. 

Bowling is one of the most popular sports in the world, a lot of fun and a team effort. Hey, that sounds a lot like why I like blogging, which is also a lot of fun but also about being part of a team! In bowling, players attempt to score the most points by rolling a ball along a flat surface in order to knock down objects called pins. In blogging, we send out tweets and links along a large bandwidth that we never see and hope to get as many “hits” as possible. There are several types of bowling games, but the official, and most popular, bowling game is ten-pin bowling. 


In order to play the game of bowling properly, certain equipment is necessary. In order to be a key influencer in the blogosphere, a strong network is necessary. In order to build a strong network, events like BowlHer have been created. Get your game on with both old and new friends, but an opportunity to keep those new connections strong with great prizes.

Thank you to our sponsors Campbell’s and Sears thanks to  Colgate thank you Picturemeand just added of Lifetime TV and of course  HERSHEY’S

This party is open to everyone at BlogHer!

When: Saturday, July 25, 2009

Time: 8pm-12 am

Where: Lucky Strike Bowling Lanes

322 E. Illinois St (Only 1 block from the Sheraton – map- )

The event will have bowling (optional of course), open beer/wine/soda, free hors d’ouerves, an entertainment stage with live music from major label artists in the wine room, a DJ with dance floor area, a photo booth, billiards, photographers, local press coverage and video interviews.

BowlHer is the brain child of some of the most creative and forward thinking people in this new world of digital media…One2One Network (Barbara Jones, Paula Bruno, Amber Maduell and Arianne Segerman), Collective Bias (formerly MARS USA–John Andrews, Amy Stillman, Ethan Goodman, Rebecca Elkins and their newest member, Lucretia Pruitt)and GNO (Jyl Johnson Pattee from Mom It Forward).


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Casting Call for Kids 4-8 years old..Video Submissions!!

May 30, 2009

Raggs Rockin’ Kids Search Seeks 100 Kids to Appear In TV Series “Raggs”, the hit public television preschool series, announced today that it will hold auditions from June 1-30 at for 100 kids to appear in a special talk show segment of the series.

The winners will be selected based on video submissions, which parents can upload to the website.

The goal is to find 100 really animated, talkative and clever kids who represent a diverse sampling of families in the country. They will pick up to 100 winners from across the US & bring them into their studio for a rare opportunity to experience the behind-the-scenes making of a TV series & the excitement of being involved in the production. “Raggs”, is a musical & educational preschool series starring 5 colorful canines that play rockin’ music and live in a cool clubhouse with their pet cat, Dumpster.

The series is built using an innovative mix of 6 different segments that focus on key preschool educational themes such literacy, music and arts, math, science, social studies and physical movement. One of the most popular segments of the “Raggs” series is the “talk show style” chats with Dumpster the Cat. During this segment, Dumpster interviews kids about the overarching theme of the episode.

For example, if the episode focuses on the sense of smell, Dumpster & the children discuss their favorite smells, how smelling works & what certain smells mean. The candid moments & articulate answers captured during the interviews with the children are priceless and often times hilarious. Winners will be notified in early July & the taping is scheduled to take place in mid-August. The “Raggs” episodes with some of the winners will begin airing with the special debut of the first-ever Halloween-themed episode. Additional shows will be released in February 2010.

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If Susan Boyle can do it maybe I can too…my 2nd chance.

May 25, 2009

At my age thanks to Charles Bohannan of Wordful I may just get my Susan Boyle moment. 

 Charles just won two tickets to The Social Media Success Summit and he has so generously offered to help another blogger attend. Brilliant marketing move for Charles for driving traffic to his blog, getting folks to subscribe, follow him on twitter, all while offering real value. Seems like he is well on his way to be a Social Media Success.  To win his extra ticket Charles has asked a few simple things..write a post..…keep it short, be specific, put your heart into it, and no more than 500 words…

So what am I, a mother of 4 teenagers doing in the ocean of social media? A time in my life where my friends are more worried about decorating their family rooms, or where are they going on spring break, why is it I’m drawn to checking my Facebook, interacting on twitter, and working on a blog posts.

 What the heck is wrong with me, why would I want to jump into this social media pool at my age?

 In Charles winning blog post he spoke of rolling out of bed at 4:30 to start another day of writing. Me too.. I’m also consistently online trying to learn.  If you check my tweet’s last night I went to be at 3:00 am and was up at 7:00 am. I have no choice to work a strange times, I’m raising four teenagers so fitting in my time is not easy. Every free second I have I’m totally immersed in reading blogs, twittering, and updating my Facebook.

 I have been involved with how the power of social media can change the world; I hosted a charity event online this spring.

 I have been podcasting since 2004. I started podcasting because it’s extremely difficult to write, I have dyslexia and it takes me hours to write. I can crank out killer content but it’s not easy, still I have not let that disability stand in my way. I have 3 blogs and I write all the content. It takes hours; I also record 3 podcast a week.

The biggest challenge I’m facing is trying to convince my husband that this will lead to something. I just don’t have a road map, and that’s why I so desperately wanted to win the ticket.

Times are tough, my husband is in the car business and this fall I will have two kids in College, so I have to figure out a way to make this social media a success. or I will have to toss in the towel.

 I did enter the fist contest, I was a runner up, and I dedicated two blog posts for 7 days to promote the original contest.

After I read Charles post I was very happy for his win, and then he is so generous to share the prize blew me away.

So thanks for the 2nd chance, and no matter what happens I’m happy to have found Wordful 


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2broadscasting Budget Beauty Tips..For Us Older Broads….

May 24, 2009

Budget Beauty Boosters for Older Broads

Hey it’s Beth of 2broadscasting..No time to catch up on all the latest
spring beauty trends? Or maybe your budget is a bit tighter this spring…

Here are a few quick beauty updates you can do, that will get you
spring-fresh in not time for little to no cost….

Beth’s 2broadscasting tip to brighten up your complexion.

Gets your skin glowing? Grab a damp washcloth and a mild cleanser and gently wash your face, slightly rub in small circles as you lightly buff away dull skin and rev up your circulation. Keep that fresh glow as you apply your moisturizer add a bit of powered blush to the moisturizer for a soft natural tint, or you can use a pre-tinted moisturizer, dab on a bit of concealer only where needed. A fresh face will make you look younger,  remember try to keep your makeup to the minimum.

Beth of 2broadscasting soft natural lips for spring. Use a natural
color of lip gloss. When your brush your teeth lightly go over your
lips to remove rough patches and then apply a gloss. You can even add
a bit of your blush color too your lip gloss for a natural soft color.

Beth’s 2broadscasting brighten your eyes trick. Use either a bit of concealer or a light white eye shadow just under your brow line to lift and open your eyes.

Easy on the eyes. Don’t put too much color on your lids when you line them.
Try to keep your look fresh and natural. You can take your mascara brush and lightly
brush your upper and lower lashes. For a bit more definition just use some of your eye shadow to line your lower lids, use a slim-tip eye-lining brush for a soft natural look.

Next week How to make homemade skin care products to save you some more bucks.

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What do Bob Dylan and the Social Media Success Summit Have In Common?

May 17, 2009

“The Times They Are a-Changin”

Sing to the Tune of Bob Dylan : “The Times They Are A-changin’”

Gather round people
Wherever you roam
And admit that the marketing rules
Around us have grown

And accept that social media knowledge be known
If your business to you is worth saving

And you better start learning or you
R going to be left alone
For the times they are a-changing

Join Vaynerchuk who prophezies with a vlog
For a seat at the Social Media Summit
May never come again

And then Stelzner the guy who makes the media summit go
Brings all of the experts who are worth naming

So all of us people who are in the know
Better plan on the SMX go
For the times they, they are a-changing

A lesson with Rowse
to learn how bloggers grow
The power of Twitter
TwiTip could steel the show

For the Facebook facts to sell
And promote you even more
Mari Smith is the Pied Piper as well
And fans are raging

Jibberjobber maybe a new name to you
But listen to Alba learn what to do
For the times they are a-changing

Ann Handley and ClickZ
Known through the land
There is lot’s to learn
But she will help you understand

Building communities and blogs
Are not beyond your command
Brian Clarks the guy
Who can show you again?

Chris Garrett a smart one
Problogger successful again
For the times they are a-changing

Wakeman’s new dawn
Great lessons she will Cast
Lean it now
Her knowledge will last

Social media Summit now
Or soon it will pass
My chance is
Rapidly fading

A song blog now
This might be your best
For the times they are a-changing

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The Broads, Botox and Dr. Michael Epstein’s Transcend MedSpa

April 28, 2009

The Broads, Botox and Dr. Michael Epstein’s Transcend MedSpa

Last week TwoBroadsCasting took their show on the road and went to Northbrook, Illinois for Transcend MedSpa’s grand opening event.

We were in search of the latest nonsurgical treatments to keep us Broads looking and feeling as young on the outside as we do on the inside.

We were not alone in our quest! Over 200 women showed up at this opening (along with a few men here and there) and while they munched on gourmet sandwiches and received complimentary treatments, they learned a lot from the wonderful (and might we add….beautiful!) staff on hand.

Knowing there would be a full house, we Broads got there early!! We pulled Beth Harris RN, into a room and asked her everything we could think of about Botox and filler. As it turns out, we asked the right person! Beth does nothing but injectables all day long and her knowledge is staggering.

Listen to our show to hear all she had to tell us, but here is just a taste of it. Botox is the most popular type of nonsurgical cosmetic treatment. If done by an experienced professional, it can do more than just relax a wrinkle. Beth mapped out Laura’s face for her Botox treatment and explained along the way….again, tune in to…………. to see for yourself.

Beth placed Botox in such a way as to raise Laura’s eyebrows and corners of her mouth. Plus, she was able to get rid of the vertical lines around Laura’s mouth that came from giving her children that “you better stop what you’re doing look” when they were younger.

It was PAINLESS (yea!!) and, although Beth Harris said it would take up to 2 weeks to see maximum results, it has been a week and Laura looks younger already!

There are so many fillers on the market these days that you really need someone with experience to decide which is right for you. The fact remains though, as Dr. Epstein was heard telling the women, two things happen as we age. Things sag (duh!) and we lose volume (double duh!).

Thus, even if you get a fabulous facelift, you may very well still require filler to add some volume. Ever see those people walking around looking like skeleton heads? Facelift without volume. The night we were there, Beth Harris gave a woman cheeks… front of our very eyes!! It was remarkable and with numbing agents….very little discomfort.

Laura is going back next week for a recheck (Beth Harris likes to see all her patients post treatment to make sure they have received the desired affect) and possibly some filler. Stay tuned!


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Did you watch the Cougar? Why?

April 22, 2009

Are you going to join us for this ride?

We are going to watch and talk about The Cougar!

So Beth and I both watched The Cougar.  Well, actually, Beth could only bring herself to LISTEN to it……I actually watched it.  We both agree that it is a train-wreck we are definitely going to watch!  While Beth seems to think that it might be kind of cool/flattering to be a 40something woman living in a house with a bunch of 20something guys…….I got the distinct impression that it would be a lot like being a 40 year old woman living in a Frat House.  And, quite frankly, I found Frat houses to be kinda gross even when I was in college.  Fortunately for Stacy AKA The Cougar, there is Vivica Fox on hand, who looks like she could drop-kick anyone of those boys who might get out of hand.  We both wonder how long Stacy is going to have to keep that smile pasted on her face.  The lines these boys are tossing out are PATHETIC!!  And we are looking in to calling DCFS to see if we can get that 21 year old boy out of there.  SHEESH!  Does he not have a Mom??
Stay tuned…..they testosterone hasn’t even begun to fly yet!!

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Find a date on Facebook, why not put Facebook to work for you

April 8, 2009

Facebook Dating……A Way to put Facebook Friends to Work?

Hey! Laura here. So a few nights ago, while collapsed and in bed with Facebook, I have an epiphany. I have been divorced for about 4 years now and, although I LOVE my friends, I can say that VERY FEW have ever fixed me up on a date. Perhaps once or twice (the eye-patch guy and some other very grumpy boring guy) but mostly I have tackled the dating scene on my own. Well, Jdate and Match have helped. Anyhow……as more and more of my friends (and in FB world, “friend” can mean anything from an ACTUAL FRIEND to someone you went to grammer school with and haven’t seen in 30 years. In some cases, it can also mean a friend of a friend of a friend…) join FaceBook, I cannot help but notice that they too have friends. Friends that I do not know. Some of them are of the opposite sex and have been known to make humorous remarks on their walls…thus getting my attention. The other night, a FB “friend” im’ed me and at one point said that he quit Match and Jdate because he can meet plenty of people on FB…..for free. This led to my epiphany. I have always been rather impatient. If I want something, I wanted it yesterday. Sooooooo, for all us single people who have asked our friends, “Don’t you know ANYONE nice/normal/alive to fix me up with?” and gotten the shoulder shrug……..Hah,hah!! Bypass your friends and check out their friends yourself. Cut out the middle-man!

Beth and I discuss this and try to flesh out the concept but I still think it has potential! The cons are that there is no way of knowing if your friend’s friend is single……but, all you have to do is shoot your friend out a message…….ask pertinent questions (marital status, criminal record, employment, etc) and perhaps they will even make an introduction!! Try it out. Recycle your friends’ friends!! Let us know how it goes!!

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